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Mon 2nd June 2008


Filed under: Website News

Two in one day!?

Like a ninja cat, my latest template 'fresh' has arrived.  It sneaked in while you weren't looking.

'fresh' is a fresh and clean template ideal for a variety of different websites.  Head on over to the templates page now for a sneaky peaky, or maybe even a download.

Mon 2nd June 2008

Free Templates

Filed under: Website News

Following in the online footsteps of Olle over at, I have decided to start releasing free web templates to the masses as and when I get the time/urge.

My first template is called just that, 'first' and is available to view and download over at my spangly new templates page.

You are free to use them as you wish (although I would not like them to be used on any offensive websites).  All of my templates will be released under a Creative Commons 2.5 licence which means the link-back must be retained but you are free to modify and use the templates as you wish.  There will be a link-back to this website on the footer of each template I create which must stay intact.

I hope you enjoy the template and keep checking back for future template releases!
Wed 27th February 2008


Filed under: Website News

Hello fans!

I have re-jigged my website to include mod_rewrite.  I saw a lot of sites using it so decided to learn it and apply it to my site.

What's mod_rewrite I hear you say?  Well, it can be used for several purposes but I have implemented it here to change long or cumbersome URL's into nice easily readable URL's.

For example, click on the Portfolio or Contact links above and instead of pointing to portfolio.php or contact.php they simply point to /portfolio/ and /contact/.  For a more advanced example, click the Permalink link for this article and look at the address bar.

Interested in learning mod_rewrite yourself?  I found this beginners article very helpful, as well as this more advanced example.
Mon 11th February 2008

Comments Code Updated

Filed under: Website News

I have updated the Comments code for my blog to include the ability to add a website address.

So, if you wish to leave a comment, and have a website of your own, enter it's address in the relevant box and when the comment is submitted, a link-back to your site will be added also.

This is only optional however.  If you don't have a website of your own, or if you do have a website but do not wish to publish the address, then just leave the field blank when submitting a comment.

That's all for now ;)
Wed 6th February 2008


Filed under: Website News

That's right - I have just added comments to my blog, meaning all you lovely visitors can leave constructive/witty comments on any one of my stories.

Just click on the "Comments" link on any of the blog posts to leave a comment.


Tue 5th February 2008

Streamlined Blog Code

Filed under: Website News

I noticed a bug in the Blog code earlier related to the Pagination when viewing filtered blog posts.

If, for example, you click a category link with 3 posts in it, the Pagination would report a second page, because the total blog posts in the database exceeded the limit of 10 per page.

While fixing this, I noticed a schoolboy error with the display code, and cannot believe what a nub nub I've been.  I've totally streamlined the blog code now reducing the file size from a rather massive 31'640 bytes down a to a much more respectable 17'951 bytes.

Hoorah to me and apologies for the geeky post.  On a scale of 1 to 10, this must reach a 7 on the geekometer.
Tue 5th February 2008


Filed under: Website News

I have just implemented Permalinks into the blog, meaning you can link to any one of my posts if you find it exciting/interesting/enthralling/amazing/hilarious (or all of the above).

If you wish to link to any of my stories, click the "Permalink" text at the bottom right of the story in question and voila!

I know, I know.  I rock.

Mon 4th February 2008

Portfolio added

Filed under: Website News

Just added a portfolio page to the website so all of my admiring fans can see some of the work I have completed over the years.

All of these sites are genuine live sites so please respect that when visiting them.

If anyone is interested in a website design by firegrid, please note that we are not accepting any new projects at this time.  As soon as this changes, I will update the site accordingly.
Tue 29th January 2008

New Site

Filed under: Website News

Well, here it is!  Welcome to the new firegrid website.  I was getting tired of the old site - it was so dull so I decided to start afresh with this new site (also I was a little bored).

So, what's new?  Well, I decided it was time to change the colour scheme and include a blog.  Using the blog I hope to chart my latest hilarious antics and list some interesting things I find while trawling the web.

Also, I've added a contact page this time around so at least if you do stumble upon this site you are now able to send me a message should you wish to.