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Sat 2nd February 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Yep, got my Warlock up to level 45 last night.  Managed to get a group together for a run through Zul'Farrak.

It went pretty well, had two members drop out as soon as we entered the instance, took a while to get a replacement but when our replacement did show up it was in the form of a level 70 full epic Warlock which was pretty sweet.  Made our job much easier.

Why is it that people drop out of instances the minute you walk into them?  They're all like "Oh yeah, I'll come, inv me pls!", they make the 50 mile run to the instance, and then say "gtg, sry guys!" or they just quit without a word.  Strange.

Anyway, got a nice blue necklace from a drop, and when I handed in one of the Quests got a nice blue ring aswell.

Roll on 50!

PS - Sky engineer also turned up yesterday and replaced our Sky+ box.  He didn't have any Pace boxes on his van so have to make do with a Thomson :(

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