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Sun 3rd February 2008

Thomson Sky+ Box

Filed under: Personal

Well it had to happen didn't it?  Sky turn up and fit the Thomson box and now we have problems (again)

The first box we ever had installed (which was replaced within  the week) was a Thomson and it wouldn't boot up and wouldn't record anything.

This got changed for the lovely jubbly Pace box (which was quick and quiet) but a stroke of bad luck meant the Hard Drive failed :(

Now this new Thomson they have fitted is giving us trouble.  When turned on after a long period of being in Standby, the hard drive spins up twice and you get the message on screen saying "There is a technical fault with this channel".  After about 10 seconds this clears and the channel starts working properly but OMG it is soooo annoying.

Did a bit of digging on the web and it seems a recent Sky software upgrade has caused this fault.  Apparently, it should get fixed in the next software update - but no idea when that is going to happen :(  Got the same problem with your Sky+ box?  Then clicky here.

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