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Fri 8th February 2008


Filed under: Gaming

That's right friends, level 48 this time.  Also, I only have two more talent points to go before I get my Felguard.

Even though I'm still questing in Tanaris and Feralas, I'm going to head up to The Hinterlands to finish off a few quests there - then I'll back over here and finish off here also.

Before any of that though, I'm going to head over to Stormwind for further Warlock training.  Also, I've amassed a load of cheap tat I want to shift at the Auction house.  If you're interested in a bargain, I'll be the one outside the Auction House doors with the flat cap, lanky sidekick and yellow three wheeler.

Anyway, that's the latest news - I'm sure you're all thrilled to hear it ;)

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