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Mon 18th February 2008

o2 Cocoon

Filed under: Personal

Finally I have managed to get myself an o2 Cocoon!  My lovely wife bought one for me as a (very) early birthday present (It's 3rd April by the way, make a note in your diaries - cash, cheques and family heirlooms greatly accepted)

Anyhoo, I thought I would give a brief review of the phone as I have found it so far.

The o2 Cocoon, for those of you that don't know is an exclusive o2 handset commisioned by o2 themselves.  It's design is striking, its a bit like a Stormtrooper's head and an iPod all in one.  It's real party piece however is the front screen, which is a series of blue LED's, lighting up for numerous reasons, including receiving a call, receiving a text, or playing a music track.

That brings me on to it's next area of expertise, the o2 Cocoon is also an extremely capable music player, with a massive 2GB of on-board memory upgradable via SD Card.  If you run out of music, theres always the RDS FM radio too!

I also like the way it is so customisable, you can choose different MP3 tracks for phone calls, video calls and SMS.  You can also tell it your name, and when it wakes you up in morning with the alarm clock it says "Good Morning NAME".  Obviously replace NAME with your actual name, unless you are infact called NAME, which would be odd.  Additionally, you can set something called "Daily Wallpapers" - with this option the phone chooses a different picture from your pictures folder every day and sets it as your wallpaper.

The camera is pretty cool too and at 2 megapixels takes quite good photos.  Also, the phone has a flash which many phones don't have at present.  The flash function also allows you to use the "Lantern" feature.  This enables you to use the phone as a torch.  Handy!

I read a load of reviews on the web about this phone and the majority of complaints were:

1.  Battery Life
Not too sure on this yet so can't report accurately.  I fully charged mine up yesterday morning and as of now it's still showing a full charge.  This is after me messing about with it for most of yesterday.

2.  Ringtone Volume
Can't see the problem with mine.  It's really loud.  I'm using an MP3 track as a ringtone but it is just as loud as my old phone.

I think that maybe o2 have upgraded the firmware but I don't know anyone else who has an o2 Cocoon so I cannot confirm or deny this.  The software version my phone is running 7.1.2.  If you're reading this and have an '07 02 Cocoon, maybe you could post your firmware version in this articles comments section?  To get your software version, type *#300# into your phone and press the round navigation button.

Only downside so far is the alarm.  You have to create a new alarm every time.  So for me who gets up at the same time every day, it would be easy for me to have a daily alarm which automatically rolls over to the next day but it's only a minor niggle.

If I have anymore to report on my phone, I'll update this post ;)


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