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Thu 28th February 2008

Boffin becomes Sony's best friend

Filed under: Internet and Technology

When my nephew got a Playstation 3 for christmas, I couldn't wait to get over there and endulge in an online rampage on Resistance: Fall of Man.  Since then, every weekend I mention that perhaps we should go and visit the in-laws, purely so I can get a go on Call of Duty 4.  I'll arrive at their house, grunt a few words of greeting to whoever crosses my path on the way to the games room, then sit down until it's time to leave, playstation controller firmly welded to my hands.

Now, I think this is probably the natural reaction to any rational non-playstation 3 owning person.  However, please welcome astrophysicist Guarav Khanna.

Guarav has no time or space for games, for he has managed to accumulate a massive 16 of Sony's Playstation 3, and linked them all together.  He calls it a 'gravity grid' and has it setup to simulate the activity of black holes for the Physics Department at the University of Massachusetts.

In order to run his simulations, Guarev installed Linux on all of the machines.  Because of the architecture of the Playstation 3's cell chip, each machine is several times more effective than even the most powerful desktop PC's available today.  It can even be compared to as many as 25 nodes on an IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer.

Anyway, read more over at Khanna's project site.

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