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Tue 4th March 2008

Volkswagen Dog

Filed under: Humour

Well, I was laying on the sofa last night with a cup of tea watching TV when all of a sudden an advert came on which made me laugh until I dropped my bowl of Rainbow Drops all over the laminate.

It has to be the best advert on TV at the moment, have a look and see what you think.


Tue 18th March 2008Simon
Hi Tris,

The song is 'I'm a man' by the Spencer David Group.

The version for the VW advert was sung by Charlie Winston.
Tue 25th March 2008Andrew
I find the ad disturbing, even if it is just acting it shows an innocent dog in apparent distress.
Fri 28th March 2008Graham Wright
Any chance of this version being released commercially? As a 60's music fan and dj, would love this to come out on a vinyl 7 inch.
Fri 28th March 2008chris
the advert has now been removed. bit of an over reaction if u ask me;

Mon 7th April 2008James Lee
I think its a total over reaction by banning this ad, its the best ad (or Was) on the TV at the moment. My Jack Russell thinks its great and comes to the TV when he hears the song! the persons who control the ads on TV shouldn't bow to the minority. If people don't like the add then they shouldn't watch it! why spoil it for the people who enjoy it.
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