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Thu 20th March 2008

o2 Cocoon's have been returned

Filed under: Personal

Ok, in an earlier post I raved about the o2 Cocoon, but this post tells a different story.  Please read on should you be considering purchasing one.

Now, while I still maintain the styling is brilliant, as are the music capabilities, the phone itself has a few problems which cannot be ignored.

1.  Battery Life - It has been said on numerous other sites that the battery life was poor, and this is indeed true.  I still maintain that the battery low indictaor comes on too early, but even so you can expect 4 days max out of it with little or no use.

2.  Call Quality - When making a call, the sound is muffled and very hard to hear.  It sounds as though the caller is just mumbling at the other end of the line - I was constantly saying "Pardon?" and "What?" when talking to someone using the Cocoon.

3.  Reliability - This is what finally clinched it for me in the end.  My phone stopped making calls all together.  If I rang someone, I would get "Call Failed" on the screen yet their phone would keep ringing.  Likewise, if they rang me and I answered the call, the phone would drop the call and display "Call Failed" on the screen yet the caller would hear the ringing sound down their earpiece.  Weird eh?

I had actually purchased two of these phones, one for me and one for my wife, both died with the same fault within a day of each other!  31 days after the purchase date!

My wife now has the brilliant little Moto U9 in purple, and I opted for the Samsung SGH-U600.

While the o2 Cocoon may be a joy to look at, I'm afraid I lost all my faith in it as a phone - it was just too unreliable.

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