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Wed 2nd April 2008

Virgle (Genius)

Filed under: Humour

Super-rich businessman and all round nice guy Richard Branson totally duped several hundred mobile industry insiders at the CTIA Wireless trade show in Las Vegas by telling them all he had teamed up with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to fly a solar powered Noah's Ark to Mars.

What makes this so genius is that they all believed him. 

Here's how it went:

"I'm sure all of you here know Google. Google and Virgin have got together, and we've formed a new company called Virgle," Branson said, midway through his CTIA keynote. "Larry and Sergey put a considerable amount of investment in - and I put in a slightly lesser investment. The values of our companies are slightly different.

"Basically, what we're doing is building a giant Noah's Ark, a space ship that is powered by the sun, and it will carry 30 passengers."

The room stayed silent, Richard kept going.

"The reason we're calling it a giant Noah's Ark is that we're taking animals on board. We're taking beasts on board. And the idea is to head towards Mars with the plan - in our lifetime, hopefully - to actually put people on Mars and build a city on Mars."

This is where eveyone erupted into applause.  Go Richy go.

"But there's a catch for the people who are going," Branson continued. "They may not come back. But I'm sure that by the time we finish the work we're doing on Mars, it will be very beautiful for people to live there."

Head on over to Google's official Virgle page and sign up for the first trip - which will happen in 2016.

To everyone who attended CTIA - the day Richard gave that speech was April Fool's day, and Larry Page was married on Branson's caribbean island.  If you still don't believe me, click here.


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