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Tue 15th April 2008

Jack's £60k prang

Filed under: Random Stuff

93-year-old former Pentecostal minister Jack Higgs has miraculously escaped unharmed after an accident outside his house.

Jack lives next door to RS Porsche in Penarth, Wales and for the last 45 years has driven across the garages forecourt to get to his driveway.


However, just the other day while reversing his 600, 13-year-old Fiesta into his driveway, he somehow managed to strike a Porsche Carrera II.  The next thing he knew, he had flipped his car and was hanging upside down on top of a Porsche 911. Both Porsche's were in the garage for servicing. 

Jack's OK which is the main thing, although he has said that his driving days are now behind him, relying on lifts and the bus service from now on.

Unfortunately, one of the Porsche's is a write-off as well as Jack's Fiesta.  The other Porsche is going to need some extensive repairs.

More over at the Beeb.

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