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Wed 23rd April 2008

Arrest warrant issued for Darth Vader

Filed under: Humour

Darth Vader has had a warrant issued for his arrest after a crazed and drunken attack with a metal crutch.

It all started while cousins Barney and Michael Jones (the former being aka Jedi Master Jonba Heho and founder of the UK's Jedi Church) were filming an interview in Holyhead for a television programme.  Darth Vader then jumped a garden fence, crutch in hand, and battered the poor chaps, leaving one with a headache and the other with slight bruising.  The maniacal vader-a-like attacker was described as wearing a black bin liner, a "shiny black helmet" and was heard to shout "Darth Vader" seconds before the savage attack.  The two battered cousins were left "upset" by the incident which they believe was "pre-planned".

Although Wynne Jones appeared in court earlier this week for the attack, by the time the case was finished he had harnessed the power of the dark side and disappeared.  Accordingly, District Judge Andrew Shaw ordered police to hunt down the miscreant, and concluded: "I hope the force will soon be with him."

Latest reports now suggest he is now back in court and the case is continuing.

Brilliantly, it turns out that Mr. Jones had drunk the best part of a 10 litre box of wine prior to the attack.  He also said he had no idea where the metal crutch he used for the beating had come from.

Full story and hilarious video of the attack over at the Beeb.

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