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Wed 7th May 2008

Indy's back!

Filed under: Random Stuff

I was watching the normal early morning rubbish on TV this morning whilst getting ready to go to work - King Arthur's Disasters had finished so I was left with a poor array of programming to be fair.  Anyway, an advert came on for the new Indiana Jones film.

Well, it was all I could do not to run around the lounge squealing in glee.  Even the cat stopped chewing on the table runner for the full 15 second trailer.  I remember reading about the new film last year but forgot all about it.  Now, it's nearly upon us - 22nd May!

Being a child of the 80's, the Indiana Jones trilogy was an absolute all-time classic.  Ask anyone who grew up in the 80's and I'm sure they'll agree.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, it rocks.

Anyway, whilst watching the trailer old Indy didn't actually look so old.  He looked exactly the same as I remembered him all those years ago, even though he is still potrayed by the very same Harrison Ford.  With this in mind, I decided to produce a little pictorial timeline.


  1981 Indy (Raiders of the Lost Ark)            1984 Indy (The Temple of Doom)               1989 Indy (The Final Crusade)           2008 Indy (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) 

Looks eactly the same in every shot doesn't he?  Weird eh?

Anyway, can't wait for the release of the film, it's going to be great ;)  I'm going to attend the cinema in khaki shirt, leather jacket and hat.  I'll also make the time in the queue pass much quicker my singing the theme tune in a constant loop.

Du du du dah, du du dah.  Du du du dah, du du dah dah dah.....

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