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Mon 12th May 2008

Been clamped? Got an angle grinder?

Filed under: Humour

Not sure if any of you have ever seen that classic Simpsons episode where Homer leaves his car in the middle of a city plaza.  Of course, it gets clamped - so Homer decides to drive the car home with the clamp still firmly attached.  Hilarity abounds.

Ian Taylor, from Tredworth in Gloucestershire has gone one better, he has cut his car in half after an argument over wheel clamping.

The car was untaxed and was declared as SORN, but an ever-eager clamper saw one of the rear wheels was poking out onto the pavement by a whopping inch and a half.

Ian then came home from work to find that the NCP had clamped the car, he explained in vain that the car was declared as SORN but they just wouldn't listen.  After numerous heated discussions, Ian decided that enough was enough and went and got his disc cutter.

Good on you, that's what I say.  Full story over at the Beeb.

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