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Tue 13th May 2008

Holy Cow!

Filed under: Random Stuff

In almost every show, Batman would be heard to mutter the immortal words "Holy Cow!"  I wonder what he would say if he ever came face to face with this big bovine.

Chilli, a Friesian bullock, stands a massive 6 foot and 6 inches - towering over his fellow bovine playmates.  Chilli's owners are now hoping to get him listed as the UK's tallest cow.

Chilli and his twin sister Jubilee were abandoned at Ferne Animal Sanctuary nine years ago, when they were just a few days old. Manager Naomi Clarke explained:

“For some reason a farmer decided he didn’t want Chilli and Jubilee, so dumped them with three others on our doorstep nine years ago."

“He was only six days old and didn’t look that big but as the years passed we noticed he was getting rather tall. We have made an application to Guinness World Records and we are quite confident he will get it.”

Apparently, the average Friesian comes in at 5 foot tall.  Full story over at The Times.

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