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Sun 25th May 2008

Level 55!

Filed under: Gaming

I finally got there - I reached Level 55 (Commander) on Call of Duty 4

I have been playing on the Team Deathmatch mode exclusively, primarily using the Northern Monkeys server (thanks lads).

Anyway, a few stats for anyone bored enough to be interested:

Rank: Level 55 Commander
XP: 122249

Score: 51543

Kills: 4983
Headshots: 528
Assists: 759
Streak: 21
Deaths: 4198

Time Played: 2d 4h 40m

CoD4 is definitely one of the greatest online games of all time, so I'm going to keep on playing.  Unfortunately, unlike the consoles, once you reach level 55 on the PC you can progress your rank no further.  I think Infinity Ward should allow us PC owners the same 'Prestige' modes as the console owners get.  Oh well, time to try some of the other game modes....

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