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Sun 8th June 2008

Panasonic 3DO

Filed under: Personal

'Tis a sad day indeed.  My Panasonic 3DO has given up the ghost.

This morning I thought I would have a quick blast on Samurai Showdown and after about 15 minutes the machine turned itself off.

It then wouldn't turn back on.  I decided to change the fuse but to no avail.  I even took the machine to bits in the hope I would see something obvious but that proved fruitless too.  The machine will now turn on for a bout 5 secodns and then it is almost as though the power is being cut, it keeps turning off for a split second and coming back on again.

It took me ages to find a boxed Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 so I'm pretty annoyed that mine has gone down the swanny.  It has done well to be fair - it is about 14 years old!

For those that don't know, the Panasonic 3DO is one of the greatest consoles ever released.  It was also the platform for the greatest racing game ever released - the 3DO version of The Need for Speed.

If there are any electrical geniuses' out there and you have any idea of what is wrong with my 3DO, please let me know.  Likewise if you were a 3DO service engineer!  Otherwise, I'll have to trawl eBay for another one :(

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