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Tue 10th June 2008

100 iPhone?

Filed under: Internet and Technology

So Jobbo revealed the specs for the latest iPhone yesterday at the Apple World Wide Developers' Conference and reading the stories circulating the web today, it seems things are looking up for my "I wish I had an iPhone but they are quite expensive and I really can't justify it at present, plus what am I going to do with it?" stance on owning an iPhone.

So, what's new then?  Well new additions include 3G (obviously), GPS and a bigger battery.  It still has a 2 Megapixel camera (boo) but they have rejigged the headphone socket so you can use your own headphones if you wish.

But, and here's the best bit, Jobbo revealed the new pricing structure.  He reckons he's going to be flogging these little beauts for $199 a pop, that's about 100.  This causes me quite a conundrum, should I get one?  Should I not?  One the one hand I don't really need one, but on the other hand they are super-cool.

The big question over the price however is this; is this the price for a non-subsidised essentially Pay as You Go handset?  Or is this the price for a subsidised contract handset?  Fingers crossed on the former - I don't want to be tied to a contract.

Hmmm, they're due out on July 11th, so watch this space.....

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