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Wed 9th July 2008

It's official - Knight Rider GPS!

Filed under: Internet and Technology

Some weeks ago a rumour surfaced of a Knight Rider themed GPS being released.  What!?  OMG!  Really?  Me being me, I was a little sceptical, but hold on to your hats folks, it's really being released!  Navigation manufacturer Mio has officially confirmed the arrival of the Knight Rider GPS unit.

Now this thing is truly a genious piece of design, appealing to everyone who grew up in the 1980's (and maybe 70's).  It features the voice of William Daniels, the orginal KITT, and welcomes everyone with “Hello, Michael, where would you like to go today?” when turned on although a database of 300 other names are programmed in - great unless you're name is Lathanial or Wentworth - then I think you're going to have to stick with "Michael" (or change your name)

It also features the two red synthesizer displays that actually move in time with KITT's voice.  Let's face it, this has got to be one of it's coolest features - definitely a reason to go buy it my book anyway.

The 181g, 12.8 x 7.5 x 1.8mm unit has a 4.3in, 480 x 272 widescreen "anti-glare" touch-sensitive display and comes pre-programmed with over 4m points of interest - hopefully they’re not all Knight Rider filming locations, or retail outlets stocking flared trousers, leather jackets and fake tan - and maps for the US and Canada. It also accepts SD memory cards.

Mio’s Knight Rider satnav will cost $270 (£135/€155) when it’s released in the US. A UK release date or price hasn’t been tracked down yet :(

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