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Mon 28th July 2008


Filed under: Personal

For Christmas last year I received the complete series 1 and 2 boxset of Spaced on DVD.  Series 1 was released back in 1999 so I never got to watch it as I was normally out of an evening drinking my body weight in Alcopops and generally having a right ol' laugh.  However I had heard of it but never got round to watching the repeats.

Anyway, the boxset has sat in my DVD cupboard until this weekend when I decided to remove the selophane wrapper and stick Disc 1 into the DVD player.

All I can say is.....brilliant!  What a show.  Spaced stars the brilliant Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Jessica Hynes (formely Stevenson) and is essentially the story of Simon's character Tim and Jessica's character Daisy living together as flat mates.  Tim is a comic artist and works part time in a comic store, while Daisy is a writer.  Unfortunately, neither of them can ever seem to get their desired careers off the ground so Tim stays stuck in the comic shop and Daisy eventually tries a series of different jobs to get some cash (after a failed attept at benefit fraud).

Along with Tim and Daisy, we have Mike who is a guns and all things military obsessed wannabe soldier who got thrown out of the TA for stealing a tank and trying to single handedly invade Paris while on weekend manoeuvres in France.  Brian, who is a rather dark and angry artist, desperate to get recognition but at the same time desperate to stay hidden away from society.  Twist, Daisy's best friend and a slave to fashion and all things Prada, and finally Marsha, the permananetly drunk land lady having turbulent times with her teenage daughter.

The other characters and the constant references to popular cult films make Spaced excellent viewing - if you're a fan of Pegg's films you'll know exactly what to expect ;)  If you haven't got it, get it - definitely worth a watch.

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