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Fri 7th November 2008

Call of Duty: World at War - A review

Filed under: Gaming

OK, so it's been about two weeks now since I got my hands on a BETA copy of Call of Duty:World at War and I'm going to give a review based on my experiences so far.  Please remember I am reviewing the BETA of the PC version here, the finished game may be slightly different when released.  Also, I'm a keen CoD4 player so take this into account when reading.

The first thing you notice are the menus.  When the game is first loaded the menu structure is almost identical to that of Call of Duty 4.  However, one welcome addition (something console owners got but we PC users didn't with CoD4) is the Prestige Mode.  This is greyed out (obviously you need to reach a high enough level to unlock it) but it's definitely there on the main menu.  Browsing through online games is also identical to CoD4.  Eseentially, because of this getting into a game is no hassle if you're a CoD4 user because you're used to everything immediately.

Once the game loads, things are very different but are also very familiar at the same time.  The main difference is the fact that we're back in World War Two, this gives the game a very dark and almost bleak look on every map.  The graphics are very much similar to CoD4, very little has been tweaked but I found the game ran smoother on my PC than it does when playing CoD4.  The game physics have been tweaked a little, there are some ragdoll effects now employed in the game, also limbs can detach in particularly gruesome style when hit by the right weaponry.  The on-screen icons are very much the same as CoD4 and this is what gives the game that familiar feel. 

The in-game sounds are what really stand out for me though.  The sounds are so much more immersive than in CoD4 and you really feel as though there is a battle raging with the troops shouting and explosions going off all over the place.  The weapons sound suitably "clunky" as well, as you would expect World War Two weaponry to sound I guess.  Also, if you play on the side of the Marine Raiders, Kiefer Sutherland voices the leader - anyone who knows Kiefer's voice will agree that it lends a very suitable and realistic edge to the game.

Gone are the Airstrikes and Helicopter of CoD4, and in come Artillery Strikes and Dogs.  The Artillery Strikes are less than impressive when it comes to hitting the enemy, they really are inaccurate but the noise and visuals of these are great.  The Dogs on the other hand are brilliant.  They appear out of nowhere and will finish you off in seconds - they also keep you on your toes when you know the enemy have called them in.

Call of Duty:World at War has now implemented a vehicle combat system.  On the BETA version the vehicles are only available on the Roundhouse map and the vehicles come in the shape of tanks.  Now, when using the vehicles, I can't help but feel that this area of the game didn't have as much thought put into it as other areas.  While the vehicles move around reasonably easily it just seems a little bit difficult to control and use the weapons.  It's hard to pin point what it is exactly that doesn't work with the vehicles, all I can say is it's a frustrating experiencing when using them.

All in all, Call of Duty:World at War is a good addition to the series but I couldn't help but feel slightly let down when I finally got to play it.  I felt as if it could have been so much more.  I'll definitely be purchasing a copy when it's released on the 14th November 2008 however.
Sun 25th May 2008

Level 55!

Filed under: Gaming

I finally got there - I reached Level 55 (Commander) on Call of Duty 4

I have been playing on the Team Deathmatch mode exclusively, primarily using the Northern Monkeys server (thanks lads).

Anyway, a few stats for anyone bored enough to be interested:

Rank: Level 55 Commander
XP: 122249

Score: 51543

Kills: 4983
Headshots: 528
Assists: 759
Streak: 21
Deaths: 4198

Time Played: 2d 4h 40m

CoD4 is definitely one of the greatest online games of all time, so I'm going to keep on playing.  Unfortunately, unlike the consoles, once you reach level 55 on the PC you can progress your rank no further.  I think Infinity Ward should allow us PC owners the same 'Prestige' modes as the console owners get.  Oh well, time to try some of the other game modes....
Mon 14th April 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Well, it's been a while, but my mouse pointer finally hovered over the 'World of Warcraft' icon and gave it the old double-click treatment.

20 minutes later and I moved up to level 64.  I then headed directly for Stormwind, got my level 64 Warlock training, and stopped in at the Auction House to offload another job-lot of useless trinkets and dodgy clothing.

I'm going to head back to Call of Duty 4 now which is just brilliant online and is a refreshing change to a years worth of World of Warcraft ;)
Thu 10th April 2008

Call of Duty 4

Filed under: Gaming

Regular visitors to my blog may have noticed a distinct lack of "Dings!" of late.  "Why?"  I hear you all ask.  Well, it's all because of my latest acquisition - Call of Duty 4.  And yes, I do realise it's been out for ages but I've only just got it.

Call of Duty 4 is a first-person shooter and can be played in both single player or multiplayer modes.  I decided to play the game through on single player first so I could get used to the controls (I don't want to look like a total noob when playing online ;) ), I haven't even touched on the multiplayer mode yet.

Initially, me and Call of Duty 4 got off to a bad start.  I ran through the training level where at the end it rates your game play and decides upon a suitable game mode for you based on your performance.  I steamed through the level like a ninja cat and was presented at the end with the game telling me that I had been rated as "Novice - this mode is suitable for people who have not played FPS games before".  Shocking.  Naturally I ignored this and chose the next difficulty level up ;)

I finished the single player game last night and it's ruddy brilliant.  In fact, it's more like a film the way it involves you in the action - the cut scenes add to this to.  Additionally, the voice acting is excellent, not the usual woody monotones you normally get in games.  Oh, and if you think you recognise the Londoner, you do, it's Craig Fairbrass.

The graphics throughout the game are stunning, I had mine running at 1280 x 1024 with everything else set to medium and it really does look amazing.  The sound too is brilliant, realistic and believable all the way.

I think the best mission of the game in my opinion was the AC-130 Spectre mission.  Oh, and when you do finish the game, let the credits roll and you will get a final level which takes place on an aeroplane.  I won't spoil it for you but it's good fun.

I tried playing the multiplayer version last night but the game kept crashing with the message "iw3mp.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."  A quick browse of the web suggested it was because I had an on-board Realtek soundcard.  I updated the drivers as suggested but this didn't fix the problem.  Eventually, I got it going with the following:

Click Start -> Control Panel

Open the 'Sound' option

Click on the 'Recording' tab

Right-click in the Recording window and choose 'Show disabled devices'

Right-click on 'Stereo Mix' and choose 'Enable'

By the time I had figured this out, The Apprentice was due to start so I turned the PC off.  I'll definitely give it a try tonight though.

So, if you haven't got Call of Duty 4 yet, go out and get it!  It's brilliant.

Sun 30th March 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Just back from holiday and I still manage to hit level 63. 

Yeah I know.  I rock. ;)
Sun 16th March 2008


Filed under: Gaming

These levels are a long time coming now!  Anyhoo, just hit level 62.

Not sure where to head now, either Terokkar Forest or Zangarmarsh.

That's all for now!
Thu 13th March 2008

Dreadsteeds are a nightmare (Oh, and a ding!)

Filed under: Gaming

OK, in my last post I said "I'm off to the Burning Steppes to get my Epic Mount."

At the time I didn't realise just how lame this sentance was.  Let me tell you, it is no way as easy as I made it sound.  One of the main reasons people select a Warlock is because you don't need to pay for riding training, or a mount when you reach level 40.  But if you think it's the same when you get to 60, you are mistaken!

And no, I still don't have my Epic Mount.  At a rough guess, I reckon it will take me 5000 hours and a trillion gold coins to finally get it.  Take a look here for a walkthrough - it'll give you some idea of the insane amount of time and money needed get it.

So, I took the easy way out and gave up.  I'll stick to my standard mount for the time being.

Oh, and I also levelled up to 61.  Yey!
Fri 7th March 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Woo hoo!  Level 60!

Next time I logon I need to head over to the Burning Steppes to get my Epic Mount.  Other than that, it's just a case of levelling up gradually to the fabled level 70 ;)

Also, I had quite a few nice items I'd picked up, including a blue waistband, which I have stuck on the Auction House.

Next time I logon, I hope to have a mailbox full of cold hard cash for these, it's quite important that these sell as once again I have blown most of my money.  Every time I visit the Auction House it happens, must learn to resist ;)

Tue 4th March 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Woo hoo!  Level 59 is here.

By reaching level 59, it means I can finally get over to Outland, and start questing in the areas introduced in the Burning Crusade patch.  I'm going to start out at Hellfire Peninsula.

Will keep you updated on progress ;)

Sat 1st March 2008


Filed under: Gaming

What?? Again?? That's right fans, level 58 has arrived.

Now heading over to Ironforge for further Warlock training, then all the way back over to Winterspring to finish off questing over there.

That's all for now ;)