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Tue 5th February 2008

Streamlined Blog Code

Filed under: Website News

I noticed a bug in the Blog code earlier related to the Pagination when viewing filtered blog posts.

If, for example, you click a category link with 3 posts in it, the Pagination would report a second page, because the total blog posts in the database exceeded the limit of 10 per page.

While fixing this, I noticed a schoolboy error with the display code, and cannot believe what a nub nub I've been.  I've totally streamlined the blog code now reducing the file size from a rather massive 31'640 bytes down a to a much more respectable 17'951 bytes.

Hoorah to me and apologies for the geeky post.  On a scale of 1 to 10, this must reach a 7 on the geekometer.
Tue 5th February 2008


Filed under: Website News

I have just implemented Permalinks into the blog, meaning you can link to any one of my posts if you find it exciting/interesting/enthralling/amazing/hilarious (or all of the above).

If you wish to link to any of my stories, click the "Permalink" text at the bottom right of the story in question and voila!

I know, I know.  I rock.

Tue 5th February 2008

COMODO Firewall Pro released

Filed under: Internet and Technology

Comodo, the makers of arguably the greatest firewall software have just released version which now has the beginnings of an integrated Anti Virus scanner built in.

They have fixed a few bugs from the previous release as well as adding a few extra features, but most important is the Anti Virus scanning.

While the Anti Virus feature is very much in the early stages of integration, when it's complete Comodo Firewall will be one of the greatest security suites out there.

And best of all?  It's free!  Read more at the Comodo Forums.
Mon 4th February 2008

IPv6 rollout begins

Filed under: Internet and Technology

Today sees the start of the official IPv6 rollout which will end the current shortage of addresses that websites can be given.  IPv4, which the internet is currently based on, is due to be exhausted of it's address pool by 2011.

So, what is IPv6 and why is it so important?
IP addresses can be likened to phone numbers.  Every website and device connected to the internet has a number assigned to it, this is called an IP address.  IPv4 was dreamt up way before the internet boom, and with so many websites and devices requiring IP addresses it is running low on the possible number of numbers it can hand out.  IPv6 will alleviate this problem.

How many addresses can IPv6 support?
Approximately 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses.  Should keep us all happy for a while ;)

Can I use IPv6?
If you run your own website, ask your hosting provider - they may be able to offer you an IPv6 address.  If your PC is running Vista or Mac OS/X then they will be able to use IPv6 addresses if they are presented with them.

Wow!  I'm truly amazed and want to learn more - where can I go?
OK, OK, I admit it's pretty geeky, but it's extremely important for the future of the internet.  If you want to learn more, the BBC have an article here, and a Q&A here.  Alternatively, take a look at

Mon 4th February 2008

Portfolio added

Filed under: Website News

Just added a portfolio page to the website so all of my admiring fans can see some of the work I have completed over the years.

All of these sites are genuine live sites so please respect that when visiting them.

If anyone is interested in a website design by firegrid, please note that we are not accepting any new projects at this time.  As soon as this changes, I will update the site accordingly.
Sun 3rd February 2008

Olle's latest template

Filed under: Design and Graphics

Talented web designer Olle Axelsson has just released his latest design to the public. 

The new template is called 'V2' and was actually used over at when the site first launched but after a recent redesign, became redundant and is now available to download for free.

You can view the demo of 'V2' by clicking here or you can download it by clicking here.

Remember to check out Olle's other templates which are all available for free and are made to an exceptionally high standard.

Excellent work Olle - keep it up!

Sun 3rd February 2008

Thomson Sky+ Box

Filed under: Personal

Well it had to happen didn't it?  Sky turn up and fit the Thomson box and now we have problems (again)

The first box we ever had installed (which was replaced within  the week) was a Thomson and it wouldn't boot up and wouldn't record anything.

This got changed for the lovely jubbly Pace box (which was quick and quiet) but a stroke of bad luck meant the Hard Drive failed :(

Now this new Thomson they have fitted is giving us trouble.  When turned on after a long period of being in Standby, the hard drive spins up twice and you get the message on screen saying "There is a technical fault with this channel".  After about 10 seconds this clears and the channel starts working properly but OMG it is soooo annoying.

Did a bit of digging on the web and it seems a recent Sky software upgrade has caused this fault.  Apparently, it should get fixed in the next software update - but no idea when that is going to happen :(  Got the same problem with your Sky+ box?  Then clicky here.
Sun 3rd February 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Another level, this time 46.  I'm either playing this game too much or I'm just too damned good at it.  Bit of both probably ;)

Anyhoo, as you know, I was in Tanaris but that got a bit dull so I decided to head over to Feralas for a few more quests.

So, because I hit 46, that meant I had to make the mind-numblingly boring journey to Stormwind for further Warlock training.  It also means I always end up stopping in at the Auction House and spend all my hard-earned on cheap tat and souvenirs.  Anyone for a kiss me quick hat and a ticket for a donkey ride on Booty Bay beach?
Sat 2nd February 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Yep, got my Warlock up to level 45 last night.  Managed to get a group together for a run through Zul'Farrak.

It went pretty well, had two members drop out as soon as we entered the instance, took a while to get a replacement but when our replacement did show up it was in the form of a level 70 full epic Warlock which was pretty sweet.  Made our job much easier.

Why is it that people drop out of instances the minute you walk into them?  They're all like "Oh yeah, I'll come, inv me pls!", they make the 50 mile run to the instance, and then say "gtg, sry guys!" or they just quit without a word.  Strange.

Anyway, got a nice blue necklace from a drop, and when I handed in one of the Quests got a nice blue ring aswell.

Roll on 50!

PS - Sky engineer also turned up yesterday and replaced our Sky+ box.  He didn't have any Pace boxes on his van so have to make do with a Thomson :(
Wed 30th January 2008

Alas poor Sky+, for we knew you well

Filed under: Personal

A sad day indeed, our second Sky+ box in less than a year gave up the ghost overnight.

It's now making a low growling noise whilst turned on and will no longer record, rewind or pause - I suspect the hard drive has died.

Went through the normal troubleshooting over the phone but to no avail.

This also means that all of our stored programs and series links have been destroyed.  The only saving grace is we managed to watch the new Prison Break episode last night before the box gave up the ghost.

Roll on Friday, thats when they're coming to fix it!  I just hope the engineer has another Pace box on his van.