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Tue 29th January 2008


Filed under: Gaming

Just got my Warlock "Turkish" to level 44 tonight.  Had four quests to hand in in Tanaris and just did a little grinding to get to 44.

Then, had the major inconvenience of having to travel all the way back to Stormwind for further Warlock training.  Sent a general message asking for a Portal by a Mage but no answer :(

Back in Tanaris now (thank you Hearthstone) and ready to get up to level 45.  Each level gets me closer to my Felguard!

Tue 29th January 2008

New PC!

Filed under: Personal

Yep, that's right, I finally retrieved my wallet from under the fridge, prised it open, and splashed out on a brand new PC.

The old one wasn't a bad spec to be fair, it just had this bizarre ability of not turning on if you looked at it funny.  Or simply not tipping your hat and saying "Good day" when walking past it would cause it to beep randomly like one of those 1980's mobile phones.  Maybe its due to the fact that it's spent the last two years in sub-zero conditions inside our conservatory?

Anyhoo, the new one is a DELL Vostro and comes with a 2.33GHz C2D 1333FSB Processor and 2GB RAM.  When I received it, I tried running World of Warcraft and whoa there nelly! Jerkovision.  So, I had to purchase a new 430W PSU and a sweet Sapphire Radeon HD3850 Graphics card.

With the upgrades, I get a steady 75FPS in WoW - just got to wait until April now to get my hands on a copy of Call of Duty 4.  Then I can really push the card to it's limits.
Tue 29th January 2008

New Site

Filed under: Website News

Well, here it is!  Welcome to the new firegrid website.  I was getting tired of the old site - it was so dull so I decided to start afresh with this new site (also I was a little bored).

So, what's new?  Well, I decided it was time to change the colour scheme and include a blog.  Using the blog I hope to chart my latest hilarious antics and list some interesting things I find while trawling the web.

Also, I've added a contact page this time around so at least if you do stumble upon this site you are now able to send me a message should you wish to.