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Tue 15th July 2008

Starlight Template

Filed under: Website News

Another day, another free template release - say hello to 'Starlight'.

This is a simple design primarily for bloggers.  Its layout lends itself perfectly to the popular blog format and allows plenty of space for links and content.  It's large navigation buttons along the top really make it stand out from the crowd too!

Head on over to the Templates page for the live demo or to grab the download.
Thu 10th July 2008

twilight Template

Filed under: Website News

After a little bit of a break my latest free template release is here.  A drum roll please for 'twilight'.

This is a very smooth and dark template ideal for both a personal or corporate website.  Its use of  dark blues and blacks contrast perfectly with the orange accents used in the hyperlinks.

Head on over to the Templates page for the live demo or to grab the download.
Wed 9th July 2008

It's official - Knight Rider GPS!

Filed under: Internet and Technology

Some weeks ago a rumour surfaced of a Knight Rider themed GPS being released.  What!?  OMG!  Really?  Me being me, I was a little sceptical, but hold on to your hats folks, it's really being released!  Navigation manufacturer Mio has officially confirmed the arrival of the Knight Rider GPS unit.

Now this thing is truly a genious piece of design, appealing to everyone who grew up in the 1980's (and maybe 70's).  It features the voice of William Daniels, the orginal KITT, and welcomes everyone with “Hello, Michael, where would you like to go today?” when turned on although a database of 300 other names are programmed in - great unless you're name is Lathanial or Wentworth - then I think you're going to have to stick with "Michael" (or change your name)

It also features the two red synthesizer displays that actually move in time with KITT's voice.  Let's face it, this has got to be one of it's coolest features - definitely a reason to go buy it my book anyway.

The 181g, 12.8 x 7.5 x 1.8mm unit has a 4.3in, 480 x 272 widescreen "anti-glare" touch-sensitive display and comes pre-programmed with over 4m points of interest - hopefully they’re not all Knight Rider filming locations, or retail outlets stocking flared trousers, leather jackets and fake tan - and maps for the US and Canada. It also accepts SD memory cards.

Mio’s Knight Rider satnav will cost $270 (£135/€155) when it’s released in the US. A UK release date or price hasn’t been tracked down yet :(
Fri 27th June 2008

VXR Track Day

Filed under: Personal

What a day!  Yesterday saw me head on up to Rockingham for the final Vauxhall VXR Track Day experience of this year - and it was ruddy brilliant!

The first part was lunch - lovely jubbly - you can't go racing on an empty stomach.  After lunch, we all sat round and watched a short DVD explaining the days activities and then we were let loose.  Our group had the Paul Swift precision driving experience first.  This included a slalom course, a timed run through a coned circuit and finally Paul took us all out on two wheels!

This is me on my two-wheel experience.  Once we had all done our driving, Paul and his team then did some precision parking and he finished off by "dancing" the car around parked cars to Queen's Don't stop me now.

Now it was time for some track time.  We had a quick safety briefing and then we were let loose on the entire Vauxhall VXR range around RockinghamVauxhall had laid on 28 cars from the VXR range, including 4 of the monstrous VXR8.  We had an excellent time, just razzing the cars around for three laps each with an instructor and then jumping into another car.  There was also a high-speed passenger ride with Paul O'Neill - he was ruddy fast, and an extremely talented driver (I reckon I could beat him in a race though :P).

Best car for me had to be the Astra, the VXR8 was quick but the power delivery was so smooth it didn't feel like it had the instant power of the Astra.  It has to be said, however, that the entire VXR range is ruddy good though - I just can't believe the power of those things.

So, thanks to Vauxhall for an excellent day out, everyone was friendly and helpful and the activites were excellent.  Where do I sign up for next year....?
Wed 18th June 2008

Social Bookmarking

Filed under: Website News

I have added a collection of Social Bookmarking links to each one of my Blog posts.  I think I have covered the main Social Bookmarking websites with:

Google Bookmarks

However, I don't have accounts for any of these websites so am unsure as to if my links are working correctly.  If you can't seem to get them to work or would like me to add other Social Bookmarking links, please comment under this article or contact me directly. 


Wed 18th June 2008

Serene Template

Filed under: Website News

My latest free template release is here!  A drum roll please for 'Serene'.

This is a very smooth and dreamy template ideal for a personal website.  It's use of blues and light greens really give it a soothing effect - and check out that rolling wave!

Head on over to the Templates page for the live demo or to grab the download.
Mon 16th June 2008

splat Template

Filed under: Website News

Another free template release for you today - this time it comes in the rather funky shape of 'splat'.

This is a very simple layout ideal for a blog style of website.  However, splat's striking colours and style really make it stand out from the crowd!

Head on over to the Templates page for the live demo or to grab the download.
Mon 16th June 2008

midnight Template

Filed under: Website News

Today sees the release of 'midnight', a dark and mysterious free template ideal for content-rich websites.

Head over to the Templates page to see the live demo or to grab the download.
Sun 15th June 2008

Weezer - Pork and Beans!

Filed under: Random Stuff

This week I have been mostly listening to the excellent "Pork and Beans" by Weezer.

While the song itself is excellent, it's the video that really makes it different.  Weezer often go all out on their videos and have had some really excellent ones in the past but this has got to be their best.  Truly a video for the 'YouTube' generation.

Have a look and see what you think.  Whilst you're watching it, try and see how many YouTube faces you recognise!
Thu 12th June 2008

Mechanised Template

Filed under: Website News

Inspired by the World Rally Championship, my latest free template has sped its way in - 'Mechanised'

It's ideally suited to a car related website and has been designed for maximum impact with a striking image taking centre stage of the design.

Head on over to the Templates page now for the live demo or to grab the download.