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Wed 11th June 2008

iPoddy Template

Filed under: Website News

Say hello to my latest free template which I have called 'iPoddy' - the inspiration for which came after I made a post yesterday about the possibility of a 100 iPhone.

This template is based quite heavily on the design from 'another' but with a brilliant new navigation menu and a striking content box in the centre of the page.

Head on over to the Templates page for the live demo or to grab the download.
Tue 10th June 2008

100 iPhone?

Filed under: Internet and Technology

So Jobbo revealed the specs for the latest iPhone yesterday at the Apple World Wide Developers' Conference and reading the stories circulating the web today, it seems things are looking up for my "I wish I had an iPhone but they are quite expensive and I really can't justify it at present, plus what am I going to do with it?" stance on owning an iPhone.

So, what's new then?  Well new additions include 3G (obviously), GPS and a bigger battery.  It still has a 2 Megapixel camera (boo) but they have rejigged the headphone socket so you can use your own headphones if you wish.

But, and here's the best bit, Jobbo revealed the new pricing structure.  He reckons he's going to be flogging these little beauts for $199 a pop, that's about 100.  This causes me quite a conundrum, should I get one?  Should I not?  One the one hand I don't really need one, but on the other hand they are super-cool.

The big question over the price however is this; is this the price for a non-subsidised essentially Pay as You Go handset?  Or is this the price for a subsidised contract handset?  Fingers crossed on the former - I don't want to be tied to a contract.

Hmmm, they're due out on July 11th, so watch this space.....
Mon 9th June 2008

Arachnophobia Template

Filed under: Website News

After using a picture of a spider, I knew exactly what name to give to my latest web template.  After consulting the dictionary, 'Arachnophobia' was delivered.

It's primarily designed for content-rich websites that have a lot of text and/or images to display.

Head on over to the Templates page for a live demo or to grab the download.
Sun 8th June 2008

Panasonic 3DO

Filed under: Personal

'Tis a sad day indeed.  My Panasonic 3DO has given up the ghost.

This morning I thought I would have a quick blast on Samurai Showdown and after about 15 minutes the machine turned itself off.

It then wouldn't turn back on.  I decided to change the fuse but to no avail.  I even took the machine to bits in the hope I would see something obvious but that proved fruitless too.  The machine will now turn on for a bout 5 secodns and then it is almost as though the power is being cut, it keeps turning off for a split second and coming back on again.

It took me ages to find a boxed Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 so I'm pretty annoyed that mine has gone down the swanny.  It has done well to be fair - it is about 14 years old!

For those that don't know, the Panasonic 3DO is one of the greatest consoles ever released.  It was also the platform for the greatest racing game ever released - the 3DO version of The Need for Speed.

If there are any electrical geniuses' out there and you have any idea of what is wrong with my 3DO, please let me know.  Likewise if you were a 3DO service engineer!  Otherwise, I'll have to trawl eBay for another one :(
Sat 7th June 2008

Site Map!

Filed under: Website News

Good day one and all!

I have finally added a Site Map to the site.  Mainly to help the search engine spiders crawl my site but also to allow any site visitor easy navigation to any one of my pages or Blog articles.

It is accessible via the main site navigation menu above, give it a whirl and see what you think.
Fri 6th June 2008

Gecko Template

Filed under: Website News

'Gecko' is my latest free template release.  Again, it's a corporate style look I've gone for but I have tried to concentrate on allowing plenty of space for text.

Head on over to the Templates page now to see the live preview or to grab the download.

Wed 4th June 2008

Wild Blue Template

Filed under: Website News

My greatest template so far!  'Wild Blue' is a very clean but striking design ideal for smaller websites.  It has a very corporate look but could be easily modified for a personal website.!).

Head on over to the Templates page to view the live demo or to grab the download.

Tue 3rd June 2008

another template

Filed under: Website News

Blimey!  I've managed to release another template called, well, 'another'.  (I really have got to come up with some more imaginative names!).

'another' is a fresh and funky template ideal for smaller websites.   Anyway, I hope you enjoy my latest template offering.  Head on over to the Templates page now where you can see the live demo and grab the download too!
Mon 2nd June 2008


Filed under: Website News

Two in one day!?

Like a ninja cat, my latest template 'fresh' has arrived.  It sneaked in while you weren't looking.

'fresh' is a fresh and clean template ideal for a variety of different websites.  Head on over to the templates page now for a sneaky peaky, or maybe even a download.

Mon 2nd June 2008

Free Templates

Filed under: Website News

Following in the online footsteps of Olle over at, I have decided to start releasing free web templates to the masses as and when I get the time/urge.

My first template is called just that, 'first' and is available to view and download over at my spangly new templates page.

You are free to use them as you wish (although I would not like them to be used on any offensive websites).  All of my templates will be released under a Creative Commons 2.5 licence which means the link-back must be retained but you are free to modify and use the templates as you wish.  There will be a link-back to this website on the footer of each template I create which must stay intact.

I hope you enjoy the template and keep checking back for future template releases!